Who am I?

A poetic mind, linked to the future, with a profound understanding of the past.

Where to find me:

Tumblr: mycosmicbackyard

Official site: Victoria Udnaes Writings

Instagram: mycosmicbackyard

Facebook: mycosmicbackyard

My favorite smells:

1) Toddler`s head
1) Freshly pressed books, paper matte.
2) Coffee beans
3) Spring weather: one bit moisture, one bit fresh grass, one bit surroundings
4) Car exhaust
5) Sandpit

About Project 90+

Project 90+ was a project where I tried to find the essence of every day,
and then to write it down.
I tried to make text into a kind of image,
and the days that I felt like it: add glow and colour to the “photo”.

The project`s former name was 365+, but due to several reasons, I decided to end it earlier.

Therefore the project is named “90+”.

I am grateful to all interesting and rewarding experiences this project has given me.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have actually written a children’s book and am trying to figure out what to do with it, haha. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get it published?


    1. No problem at all! My book is self published. I have published it both at smashwords.com, and amazon`s kindle.

      To self publish is free and easy when you know how. This is only in ebook, though. I don`t have enough material or profit to print it yet – and I don`t want to, I think e-book is okay for now.
      The challenge with self-published things is that a looot of other people do it as well, it is difficult to be seen. It is mostly those with agencies that get to be seen. I don`t have any problems with that – I believe in my work, and I`m still working on it. But both Smashwords and Kindle have tools to help you. I recommend that you read a little about that.

      I will give you some links, just not now, I`m too tired to look it up. But they will come.

      You can, while you wait. read on my other blog: http://www.victoriaroseaauthor.wordpress.com – maybe something there interests you. You inspire me to write a lot more about self publishing there.

      Fiverr is also a great site. I have bought my cover, my illustrations, my proofreading and formatting (how the book looks when you publish it online) at fiverr – at a great price! You can also get help with commercial and stuff there.

      That`s a start, at least. I will give you more information later on 🙂

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