Priestess of Love.

Wonderful priestess
standing in the dark
igniting light
to dark areas
without fear.
Her energy
like an island
inside of a storm
always calm
something to
stand on
so that
worried thoughts
get some rest.

Her dress
as The Light
with glittery gold
always alive
like a symbol
of Love’s

Golden Geometry in the room of Cosmic Lessons.

“You see that golden triangle?”
he said, pointing at it
“it is your sign of creation
it is the sign of Work Done.”
He patted me
on the back.
“Well done. We will
continue this
and whenever
the space and time
in the open

The Princess of Wonders, the Grand one.

So what will it be
my beautiful elf princess:
will it be the tropic warmth
or will it be
the Egyptian sand?
I can see it
rolling down your legs
tiny formations
of shells and diamonds
fit for your skin
and I can see
the smell of dry
as I long to touch you
just to see how it feels
to be a princess
of the grand ones
the one
with the white robe
oh, so I wonder
my dear princess:
as I so want
to be your